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As a young artist not yet old enough to drive but already bitten by the automotive bug, Matt Bernal recalls riding his bike to Steve Stanford’s studio. But his aim wasn’t to catch a glimpse of the well-known vehicle designer.

“I peeked in the window and saw what kind of markers and sweeps he used, and then rode my bike miles to...........

“They all started with pencil on paper. I love the process of concept to reality to the aftermarket and customization. Cars and trucks are canvases to express who you are. I love all the different niches: lifted trucks, hot rods, imports, muscle cars, lowriders. We all share the same love like a family would, and I just can’t imagine insurance salesmen having the same bond.”

"Matt helps us display exactly what we want in each rendering. If you’re serious about scaling up your business, I highly recommend making the investment with Matt, you won’t be disappointed."                          

John Russo - Palm Beach Customs, Palm Beach FL

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