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New BAS Original Series Motorcycle Helmets available through Havoc Helmets.

2 years ago Bernal Auto Style partnered with IV2 Helmets to bring a new style and approach to multiple lines of motorcycle helmets. We have designed and developed a number of out of the box helmet designs from Cruiser Helmets, Moto X Dirt Bike, Street Bike Full Face and 3/4 Vintage Cafe Style Helmets. We are happy to introduce our own Original Series Helmets through our new Helmet line Havoc Helmets. Attached are some new upcoming designs in the BAS Series and the first of the series currently in production. "Slave to the Trade" will be the first of the BAS Original Line of Helmets. It is a dirt bike. Moto X ATV adult size helmet. It's a thrill to compete in the same game as some of my moto design heros and the creative fulfillment of concept to full blown production to store shelves can't be matched.

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