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Welcome to the Bernal Auto Style Blog

I'm super pumped to launch my new website and introduce my first blog post. I've been wanting to begin blogging for years, however, my website has been in the stone age for years. The objective of this first blog post is to give a short introduction and mission statement of what I intend with this blog.

I have worked in the Automotive Industry ever since I've began collecting pay checks. To avoid writing a novel in my first post I will touch on my history and journey in the industry in future posts. I will use this blog to give a peek behind the curtain of my career and multiple brands management, design and marketing as well as my day to day struggles and achievements.

This blog will also be utilized to showcase clients companies, Project car updates, project progress, car show and SEMA Show coverage, new product announcements, my new line of motorcycle helmets, new products and sharing the process from concept to store shelves.

I've always chased what my calling in this world is and for years I was convinced "Drawing Cars Errrrr" was my calling but as I've aged and matured my eyes have opened that I feel my calling is to use my experience, ups, downs, bumps and bruises, mistakes and Perseverance to educate and inspire young creatives.

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