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Quintin Brothers SEMA Show Battle of the Builders Camaro

This is why we do it...... What started with a phone call turned into a massaged design and game plan starting with a Quintin Brothers with a wish list a mile long and a little bit of improvising on our part sprouted a design and game plan to build from. Color changes and parts changes along the way this Camaro was a few weeks of design work and months of tweaks and revisions until the Quintin Brothers got a design they feel is worthy of competing for Battle of the Builders at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. I wish these guys the best of luck this year and it's hard for me to root for just one of a hand full of competing Battle of the Builder vehicles I provided design work for and built relationships with the amazing builders.

#SEMA #SEMAShow #QuintinBrothers #Chevrolet #Camaro #ProTouring #BattleoftheBuilders #SEMAIgnited

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