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Domesticated Chevy Wagon

I've always had a soft spot for custom grocery getters and really cool wagon that separate the cool Moms in the soccer practice parking lot. One thing that has changed for me is I don't have time to have fun with my art work. with clients demands and deadlines of lost touch with the kid who used to lay on his bedroom floor and draw customs cars for the love. When I feel overwhelmed with my work load and the repetition of helmet design - client work - graphics and revising old projects sometimes I need to take a pause and revert to the passionate kid and do one for me where I can purge whats in my head in an illustration to remotivate me to start tackling the "to-list" again. This Wagon is an example of one of those " for me" refreshers. Usually these are done a little more old school with elements of "traditional" rendering from a line drawing like the old days. These are usually the pieces of automotive art I offer as limited prints as well because they are %100 from me and not client work.

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